Arrowhead Miniatures

Welcome to Arrowhead Miniatures

Arrowhead Miniatures was founded in 2013 after deciding to alter the companies name from Wargames South as there was an American company of the same name. The old product list from Wargames South including the figure range has now been withdrawn and replaced with new product.

We are dedicated to 144th scale vehicles and figures which is an exact scale rather than the 'iffy' N guage whose exact scaling is at the whim of which company produces it. The models are cast in white metal and most of the models are in kit form, so get the superglue ready. They are not suitable for people under the age of 14.

Grandfleet Miniatures joined us in 2012. They produce 1:1200 ship models of WWI in white metal kits which are quite exquisite. It's a small range but growing. We are hoping to see their first Battleships very soon.



WWI Vehicles