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Welcome to Arrowhead Miniatures

Arrowhead Miniatures was founded in 2013 out of Wargames South after having a name change forced on us to avoid confusion with another upstart outfit. We produce 1:144th scale vehicles and figures with 1:1200 Naval WW1. Most of the models are in kit form and cast in white metal so they are not suitable for people under the age of 14. Grandfleet Miniatures joined us in late 2013. They make 1:1200 white metal kits of the British Navy ships of WWI  which are quite exquisite. It's a small range, but growing steadily.

WWII Vehicles & Figures


Remakes in the Offing

Hi All In a rush of blood to the head we have 3 remakes in the pipeline. Our best selling British tank the Cromwell has had a makeover and now...


Supplies of castings have resumed from Griffin so most of the stock outs will be filled soon.

Stewart Griffin ....

We have just heard that Stewart Griffin of Griffin Moulds has passed away. As Stewart's casting shop  was our main supplier of vehicles it means that there will be some...