Arrowhead Miniatures

A100 M3 General Lee

The 'Father' of the M4 Sherman. Although the tank mounted a powerful 75mm gun it was mounted in a sponson at side on the hull which limited its traverse.Because of this the tank suffered in having a very high profile. Despite all its faults it was produced in large numbers with the American, British and Russian Armies being users. The British Army modified the Lee with a new streamlined turret and renamed it the Grant.


Multi piece White metal Kit . Supplied unpainted

Modeled by Bob Hine



HMS King George V

The KGV arrived back from the casters at the weekend and is now available to purchase.

Plastic Tanks....

After a bit of research ( I asked Phil down the pub )  I am investigating remaking some of the popular vehicles in injection moulded plastic so you can have...

Wobbly Mast Syndrome

One of the pitfalls of casting white metal is that the fine masts on some of the smaller ships are prone to bending and breaking. To get over this we...